Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trailer Trash

Vernon delivered the trailer today with a load of hickory and cherry wood for Proud Mary.   So we took the opportunity to do a little inventory for the first time since...ever.

That was just one side.

It was like a clown trailer, if the clowns were horder clowns.   Among other things we found:  multiple broken and unusable camp chairs, the old battery powered rotisserie spits from the pre-water wheel age,  two (flat) footballs, an Ice Mule, a washboard, one of Floyd's dildos, a cot no one has the guts to claim, twelve lengths of tie-down ropes we kept having to replace, forty red-white-and-blue shoe strings, and the original paperwork from the trailer purchase 9 years ago.  Also one full-sized replica scimitar:

Importantly, we also found some used up wooden items that need to be burned ceremonially, pursuant to Club rules, so their souls do not wander the earth aimlessly forever.  That includes the remaining wood gunwale scraps from Phil's canoe restoration and at least one paddle that has given its all to the RRCC.

Rob may also have a mandolin that needs to be retired.

We need to do all this at the Friday campfire.  Someone be in charge of remembering.

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