Friday, October 13, 2017

Real Maps, Real River Planning

Here is what the roster and boat situation looks like right now:

Skip  (Old Town)
Tim  (Own boat - Wenonah)
Rob  (Dagger)
Mullowney  (Own boat)
Cronin  (Own boat)
Vernon  (Grumman)
Phil  (Own boat - YES!)
Josh  (Own boat)
Dave C.  (Own boat)
Pete F.  (Own boat)

This is +/- Rob Cannon who may come screeching up at the last second.   There is evidence that he has been getting ready...

We'll work out the rides later but basically everyone needs to converge on the Hwy 13 bridge in Perry County before noon on Friday.  Pete will be staying within two hours striking distance in Muscle Shoals - where the Swampers will pick him up if he's feeling blue (how 'bout you?).  In the morning he'll cross over through Florence and can check out the Helen Keller stuff on his way into Tennessee.  Which will give him fresh material for even more tasteless jokes around the fire.   We will assume Vernon and Mullowney will also meet us there as usual unless we hear otherwise.

Our put-in at Hwy 13 is at River Mile 59.  We will camp Friday night somewhere upstream of the County Road 1788 bridge (R.M. 52) because that is the Saturday morning exit for people who need it which right now is just Jim Myers but could include more and could also make Saturday-only an option if somebody wants to do that.

An "exit" is not the same as a "take-out." You can't take a canoe out (or put one in) but it is available for those who can only make it one night.  In other words, it may require a little bushwhacking and no promises about what your car will look like after a night on CR 1788.  That's why we have not included Delta Dawn on the canoe list.  Jim will be taking turns in the duffer seat in each of our canoes.  Critiquing our strokes.  Asking if we're there yet.   

There's an interesting feature near that bridge.   The map shows a small green area which usually means a protected natural area or something of historical significance.

On the USGS quad it is marked as "The Mound/Cem"...

The Perry County Chamber of Commerce web site has this description:

It sounds like the kind of place where a friendly tribe of rivermen might gather for a peace pipe.

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