Monday, March 05, 2012

Weekend Report

Do you know who we feel sorry for?  We feel sorry for people who have to go through an entire winter without a 1967 jon boat in their garage to mess around with.   After this weekend, our beers will be a little colder and our motor a whole lot tiltier.

First, behold the new insulated secret middle seat cooler:

As far as the motor, to make trimming it simple we needed a simple solution.  We think we've got it, and it's plenty simple, but it sure was complicated to figure out. 

We used Occam's razor to saw the head off of a giant carriage bolt, wrapped the ends with a little duct tape, jammed that mother-humper into the last notch of the tilt assembly, and Bob's your uncle!  

The result is that the motor now rests on the bolt shaft when it's running, and never even enters the gerbil trail of different settings and releases.  The beauty is that it can still swing and lock all the way up - to keep it out of the water and for trailering.   So effectively there are now only two positions (run and locked/high) instead of having to work your way through seven tilt settings while you stand on one foot and hold your mouth just right. 

We will try to get back to talking about the Current River tomorrow. 

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