Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hoeing Down

The Mystery Blogger made a good point last week:  everyone should be able to get in on the music on these trips.  That's always been the policy, we just haven't made it very easy for others to learn the songs or join in.  So it's time to get organized and change that.

We are hereby announcing the grand opening of the RRCC Dynamic Digital Songlist.  We will post a permanent link to a separate web site where we will collect all of our songs, both current and in progress.    It will be oar-ganic - growing as we learn new songs and with links to the words, chords and an audio sample of each.  

Here it is so far:  RRCCSongList

No more excuses.  You have plenty of time to practice because the canoe trip is exactly one month away.  We won't be able to get all of the lyrics and chords up at once, but if you're learning them faster than we can upload them....well, we'll be in pretty good shape then won't we.

And don't worry if you don't play an instrument.  If you just learn the lyrics to half these songs you will be contributing far more than than some drunk guy with a guitar (not directed at anyone in particular). 

-  The Soy Bomber

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Unknown said...

I think ole Delta Dawn is actually smiling in that picture. I know I am.