Friday, March 09, 2012


We are going to have a pre-trip meeting on Thursday, April 5.  We will start in the secret upstairs room at McDougal's Chicken Coop. 

Have you watched the Current River movie posted earlier this week?   It's mandatory viewing if you want to participate in the Spring trip or vote in the Academy Awards - and discussing it will be the #1 agenda item at the meeting. 

"Vanishing Ozarks" talking points for April 5:

-  The "Commissary Boats" traveling ahead to set up camp and start dinner.  Everything the RRCC does gets validated sooner or later.  

- Cooking with two large coffee pots and two cast iron skillets ("Fried chicken...and lots of it!"). 

-  The extra propeller pin, Jim's cot getting its own validation, sitting around at night drinking "coffee."

-  Is "Chief Guide Leroy Lewis" really Larry Harrington?

-  Why does the baritone voiced narrator keep filming "our sound man Chris Michaelsworth" walking around with no shirt and diving in the water?  Why are there parts of  the Current River “too gay for a clumsy old flat boat to flirt with"?

Mule Update:  We tested some of the improvements to our own Commissary Boat on the water this week. One unforeseen issue with the outboard tilt solution (using a bolt to bypass all the lock positions) is there is nothing to hold the motor down when you're in reverse.  Never thought of that! So it floats up a little when you're backing up, but not too badly at slow speeds and everything else works great and exactly as planned. We even fixed the same problem on the trolling motor.   Also, the middle seat cooler is done, but the boat does still leak a little.   Maybe more than a little.

Current River at Boyd's Creek

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polarwanderer said...

Did you recommend the video because it clearly says "waters like these are not recommended for the amateur boatman". Book my spot on the Niary craft.