Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planning Commission

Here are the steps for developing a river strategy for an RRCC trip.  The actual canoeing part.  We're going to describe the process below and pretend like we don't already know exactly where we're going. 

First you need to have a good feel for where the Current River really is.  Here's a map of the Show Me State showing both the Eleven Point River (Fall 2010) and the Current.  The Jack's Fork is marked because it is the third great Ozark river and we'll probably be on it someday too.

Click it:

Then you get yourself a good river map:

And a mileage chart:

Next you decide generally what part of the river you want to do.  Considering intangibles like water level and points of interest and avoiding the crowds (more about that later).  Because it is a spring trip, we'll have plenty of water and can do the Upper Current (above the Jack's Fork) which has all the caves and deep blue springs and also has the best gravel bars for camping.

The last step is to draw it all out by hand so you can see your access points and distances at a glance.

At the April 5 meeting we'll have a "vote" to decide which section, which will be about as meaningful as a Muslim election but at least you can all have ink on your finger and act like you had some say in it.

Here are some Muslims on the Current River. 

Fishing and canoeing and eating watermelon like they're from here!  I bet you they're all named Obama.

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