Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#16. First Stop Bloody Marys

It happens sooner than you expect it to.  And usually sooner than you want it to.  It's always on the morning of the second day and you've only gone a few miles.  You just set your coffee cup down in the bottom of the canoe, and you've picked up your paddle to make some distance before lunch.  Then you come around the bend and there on the gravel bar is the little table and the vodka and the garnishes and Tim is screwing the top off the Zing Zang. 

So you drink your first one to be polite.  The second one, you start thinking it might be just what the doctor ordered.   The third one is in a to-go cup and it's like rocket fuel.  Back on the river, the sun's a little brighter and the sky is a little bluer and it's almost time to turn on the game.   It works every time.

TRADITION (noun):   "A way of thinking, behaving, or doing something that has been used by the people in a particular group, family, society, etc. for a long time."   That's why there are two crossed celery sticks in our Coat of Arms. 

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Josh said...

My work colleague was looking at the site and his comment was, "Canoes full of deplorables."