Monday, September 26, 2016

#8. Solo Canoes

REMINDER:    Our pre-trip meeting is this Wednesday the 28th at 7:00.  Brown's Diner.   Rob gave birth to a bouncing baby appendix last week and is recovering so if you see him wandering around on Blair Blvd. all oxy'd up wearing a breezy hospital gown bring him inside.


Lots of people paddle canoes solo, of course, but they normally do it when they're on solo canoe trips.   If you see us on the river, it's a long, slow parade of solo boats, and that comes as a surprise to other paddlers who assume that if you've got two seats and two people, that's how you're supposed to ride. 

This may not be an innovation so much as just a practical reality for us.   If we paddled tandem we'd have half as many canoes, and there's no way we could do that with the amount of gear we carry.   But it's also a preference.   When everyone is captain of their own boat, they can choose their own speed, drop back, paddle ahead, paddle side by side to talk, or even hang out for hours by an afternoon tea fire.  As long as the first guy knows where to stop for the night, there's little chance of missing the campsite on a river regardless of how far behind you get.    








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