Sunday, September 11, 2016

#19 November 19, 2005: VU 28 - UT 24

Listening to ball games on the river is itself a long-standing tradition.   Usually college football, but sometimes the World Series, college baseball in the spring, and even some European football.  It is a very pleasant way to be paddling down the river or hanging out on the gravel bar.

Many times we have made promises to the Red Gods over the Vanderbilt/Tennessee game on these trips but our offerings were never accepted. 

Until one time on the Duck River. 

It was at river mile 155 and we were approaching our campsite late in the afternoon.  We hit land with just a few minutes left in the game but nobody got out of their canoe.  

Here's what we heard Joe Fisher say:

"One second to play.   Tennessee trailing 28 - 24.  Claussen to throw.  Stands flushed...rolling left.  He's going to lob one toward the end zone.  IT IS INTERCEPTED!  IT IS INTERCEPTED!   THE STREAK IS OVER!  THE STREAK IS OVER!   VANDERBILT WINS IN KNOXVILLE!!!"

And so, we paid the Red Gods what they asked.


Not even the Candiru could stop us.

We were sick for three weeks and would do it again every year.

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