Friday, September 09, 2016

#21 Big Swan Creek

When I was a child, my family would travel. And we always camped, no hotels.   So there was just as much foul weather camping as there was good weather.   When it did rain, my father, who was famous for his sunny outlook even when circumstances called for the opposite, would always happily declare:  "These are the ones you remember!" as he hummed and whistled around the campsite.   Which was annoying at the time but even more so now, as an adult, when I finally learned he was right. 

All those blue-sky RRCC trips kind of run together don't they?    The ones with "weather" tend to stand out.  But when it rains and people are turning over and you're ambushed by hostile landowners and you have to limbo under barbed wire in rising flood THOSE are the ones you really remember.  And everybody who was there is proud they get to tell the story.

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