Tuesday, September 06, 2016

#24 Phil's Warehouse

#25 The Nine Man Log

God we miss this place.   Not just because it was covered, climate-controlled storage for our beloved canoe trailer.   It was a mad scientist's bizarro Alice in Wonderland of warehouses that actually made us look forward to going to Cool Springs twice-a-year and that is saying a lot.    Heckometers and Erlenmeyers, burners and beakers, geiger counters and rat grinders.   You never knew what you would find and either did Phil.

We also have fond memories of doing "what the abstractly alliterative military schedules used to call materiàl maintenance" there.  And the time we pimped out the jon boat and then sat by the great fireplace at Sportsman's Lodge (the only other reason to go to Cool Springs).

It was the closest thing we ever had to a Club House.  Sadly, the only thing we have to remember it now is the Large Impingers box, but it still goes with us on every trip.

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