Wednesday, September 07, 2016

#23 Knee-High Rubber Boots

#24 Phil's Warehouse
#25 The Nine Man Log

You may think rubber boots are the norm, but that's just because you've been hanging around the RRCC so long.    In the rest of the boating world nobody wears these.  Serious paddlers not only look down their noses at tall boots, they consider them irresponsible and dangerous - under the theory that if you turn over they will fill up with water and be like anchors on your feet.

On the risk/reward spectrum - and not being very serious about that kind of thing anyway - we think they're well worth it.   If we turn over, we just stand up and hope no one was looking.   And with the way we travel, someone is bound to be paddling nearby to rescue you (which also means someone was bound to be looking).

Knee-high rubber boots are now pretty much part of the RRCC uniform.  It's a good feeling to stand next to your boat in a foot of water with nice dry feet and an ice cold drink.


Or does it have something to do with the joke about why shepherds wear knee-high Wellies?

(For a place to put the sheep's hind legs)

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