Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Week Warning

The roster is still a moving target, with Mike rumored to have given himself the real axe and Bob rumored to have gone out and bought a tent.   Those are both pretty good indicators but not enough to change the official status of either one of them so we will call it a net zero gain and leave the number at 14. Jack is definitely out but is sending with us his black guitar in the same spirit as his Great Uncle Johnny, who threw his dentures over the fence at the nursing home "so at least part of him could be free." Stuart is coming unless he has to create a horizontal platform that's vertically agnostic.

Ian has submitted his shopping list.  The one line item that really stands out is:  "17 pounds of pork."   We never thought we'd use the words "dietary" and "restriction" next to each other in this club, but then again we never thought we'd keep reading glasses in our tackle box - so for those of you who are are going meat-free these days, there are as many different types of vegetables on the list as there are pounds of pork.  In case it makes any difference, Ian does insist that we only cook with a pig that was raised locally, antibiotic-free, in a humane environment by a farmer who read to him every day and played Mozart for Piglets while he slept.

Here is the official packing list, updated.   If you weren't assigned something at the pre-trip then you're only responsible for what's listed under personal items, but feel free to come on back to the garage anytime between now and next Friday.   Bob will be there drinking a beer and watching, which tells you absolutely nothing about whether he's going on the trip or not.

RRCC Packing List

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