Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here are some things you should be doing during Trip Week:

1.  Oil your gunwales, wax your hulls, tighten the seat and thwart fasteners.  It is bad form to go on a good canoe trip without paying some attention to your boat first.

2.  Pick out which knife you're going to bring and your personal cup.   If this is the first trip for your cup, you should test it beforehand.  Choose a night that you can sit down with a copy of Goodbye to a River and practice pouring into it. 

3.  If you are not planning to play a guitar, watch this:


and then this


The perfect instructor for our Anglo-themed trip.  Continue practicing with your personal cup. 

4.  Gather your beverages.  Remember that it is BYOB for everything except coffee.  That means you are responsible for your own beer, brown liquor, water, soft drinks, etc. 

5.  It looks like there will be times this weekend it will be cold.  Mainly at night and anytime during the day that you take an involuntary swim.  Pack for both possibilities.

We will meet at 6:30 am Saturday morning.   We won't be stopping for breakfast and we'll just drive through somewhere for lunch.   Sometime between now and Saturday, when the final roster is in place, we will do a full accounting of the trucks and canoes that will be going and we'll post a map to the river.

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