Friday, April 06, 2012

What We Did

The best thing we accomplished last night was find the prodigal Rob Cannon who has been in a vegetative state since Auburn won the national championship.  Yesterday he sat upright, ripped the Crown Royal I.V. out of his arm and drove himself down to the pre-trip meeting.  So that puts our headcount at fourteen - plus or minus two or three members who are on the fence.

Greg and Bill are flying into Nashville now, so that leaves Ian and possibly Stuart flying into St. Louis.

The Nashville caravan will leave with the canoe trailer and the jon boat no later than 7:00 am on Saturday the 28th. 

Peter F. Feldman will make Ian proud by arriving on his bicycle.  Seriously, he is coming from New Orleans on his bike and is going to meet us at the put-in.  When you've already pedaled across the country a couple of times it's not that big a deal.

We will bring sleeping bags, pads and tents for Greg, Bill and Ian.   Pete is bringing his own.

Mike is getting the axe (so to speak), Rob is bringing wedges, Vernon is getting the saw oil.

The Beverage Manager reported that everyone can bring their own damn beverages.  

The Happy Enchiladas decided that we should have a rehearsal today (Friday).  We also decided that the rehearsal needs to be in the parking lot of Mere Bulles in Brentwood.   This morning, no one can remember why it was so important for this to happen in the parking lot of Mere Bulles but now we're afraid not to, so that's where you can find us from 2:30 to about 4:30 today if anyone wants to join.  Bring your guitar or just come have a beer and see if whatever was so essential about that location reveals itself.  

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