Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The Current River is just one holler over from the Eleven Point so the route is the same as the Fall 2010 trip until the very end.

The Simple Version

Take I-24 west to Paducah
Take Hwy 60 west (Exit 4) a long way, at least 150 miles
In Winona, Missouri turn right on Hwy 19
Take Hwy 19 north about 25 miles to Round Spring

The Full Version

Take I-24 west to Paducah
Get off on Exit 4 in Paducah ("Hwy 60/Hinkleville Rd.")
Turn west (left) on Hwy 60
Take Hwy 60 west about twenty miles
Stop at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers for the Hanging of the Balls ceremony

Continue west on Hwy 60 about ten more miles to Interstate 57
Take I-57/Hwy 60 west
In about 25 miles, Hwy 60 splits off from I-57 again. Follow Hwy 60.
In about 50 more miles you'll get to Poplar Bluff, Missouri...

For those of you who were disappointed that The Pony Gentleman's Club was closed on the way back from the Eleven Point, you get a second shot here if you want to take a short ten minute detour. Just turn left after Poplar Bluff onto Hwy 67 and it will be on your right in 10 miles. Pretty sure you can't miss it.

...otherwise, continue on past Poplar Bluff on Hwy 60
In about 60 miles, turn right on Hwy 19 North near Winona, Missouri
Take Hwy 19 about 25 miles to Round Spring.

The meeting point will be at the canoe access on the river, not the campground.  Look for flashing blue lights and Ian and Pete Feldman handcuffed to the bridge.

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