Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Ate All The Pies?

Announcing an English Feast
on the Banks of the River Current

A Full Sunday Roast

Spit-roasted Joint of Beef, Hung Well
Yorkshire Puddings with Lashings of Drippings Gravy
Roast Tatties (Oh!)
The Whole Root Cellar / Roasted
Brussels Sprouts Braised in Rendered Calf Suet
Two Subtleties**

Chocolate Cake
Board of Blue-veined Cheese
Flight of Vintage Port

ANSWER:  You, Fat Bastard!

** "For extravagant feasts, the medieval contributions to the annals of weirdness are the "subtleties" -- which were anything but subtle. These were bizarre presentations -- culinary showpieces -- such as a swan with its innards removed and cooked with other fowl and meats, restuffed, and brought into the dining hall in a dramatic position. Or a pie whose crust, when first cut into, releases a flock of birds. Or an animal positioned in some intriguing scene."

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