Friday, April 27, 2012

Current River Eve

The final  headcount is 13.   We will take three vehicles:  Skip's truck, Rob's Suburban and Neil's SUV and we'll pull the canoe trailer and the jon boat behind the truck and the 'Bourbon.  Since Pete and Ian are meeting us there we'll have 11 riding from Nashville and we can ride 3, 4 and 4 with most of the gear in the trailers and the truck bed. A leaky jon boat still makes a great trailer.   No need to arrange a ride other than that, just show up and climb in.
The following 9 canoes are going:
Rob C.
Mike C.
Skip (x4)
That will allow for seven in solo boats, four riding tandem and two riding the Mule.
The Club will provide coolers and drinks for Ian, Bill and Pete who are arriving by bike and plane.  The rest of you know by now to get your own beverages.

We will provide sleeping bags, pads and a tent for Ian and Bill.  Pete will have this stuff on his bike trip.  The rest of you bring your own.

We will provide a personal box of Ohio Blue Tips to all the smokers.  The rest of you can fuck off and start your fire with steel wool and a battery. 

See you in the staging area at 6:30 sharp tomorrow morning. 

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