Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pre-Trip Meeting Agenda

1.  Headcount
2.  Travel/vehicles
3.  Put-in and take-out
4.  Daily distances; campsites
5.  Canoes (how many, which ones)
6.  Guitars (how many, which ones)
7.  Procurement
  • woodcutting wedges
  • saw oil
  • extra propellor
  • kitchen wish list
  • other?
8.  Beverage Manager (10 minutes max)
9.  Out-of-towners  (what to bring, what to bring for them)

Refer to this post for maps:

For campsites, we're going to rely as much as we can on satellite to find our gravel bars, or at least sections that appear to have a lot of gravel bars.  Go to and type "Akers Ferry Missouri" into the Find box.   Then toggle between Map, Satellite, Terrain and Topo.

Remember it is UPSTAIRS at McDougal's.   Arrive at 7:00.  Conference call at 8:00.

Bob was so excited he showed up early to save a spot.  24 hours early...

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Where R U guys?

Bob Delevante

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