Friday, April 20, 2012

Super-shuttle; K.P.

The pay-to-shuttle plan has spawned a whole Occupy Akers Ferry movement with demands for even more and better shuttling. The 99% are saying that if we can pay the outfitter to move one vehicle for us, why can't we pay them to finish the job since they'll have three days to do it. After considering the logistics and costs, it appears feasible and it would save a lot of time on both of our travel days.

Here's how it would work. We all go to the take-out first just like the original plan. Then we would move our gear into the minimum number of vehicles possible for carrying all of our people and boats, ideally only two or three trucks.  Leaving all of the other vehicles at the take-out, we would then drive up to the put-in, probably riding people in the bed of pickups which is actually legal in Missouri and not an unusual sight. If we can make it in three vehicles, the outfitters will do the whole job for $150 which is $10.50 per person then when we finish our trip all of our vehicles will be waiting for us and we hail out of battle back to Tennessee.
Another system that needs to be addressed before the spring trip is dishwashing, which is to say we need a system. Sometimes it's ok to just throw it all in the chuck box (maybe that's how it got its name) and deal with it later, but on a two-nighter with lots of people the dishes start to be a problem. So we sat down with the kitchen crew and asked them to help develop a plan.

Here's the reply we got:

Main thing is after sun nights meal, everyone should throw all the leftover food on their plate in the river and give their plates and utensils a good rinse in the riffles, ideally using a hand full of sand to get most of the shit off. And then stack them on the overturned Grumman in one area so they are not all over camp where they look unsightly and get lost. This simple task saves the kitchen staff many many hours down the road from having to scrub off last trips 6 month funk.

We will eat off cheap paper plates sat nite, those should be burned in the fire afterwards. We don't need to haul stinky paper trash down the river that is easily burned. We will have enough trash hauling cans, bottles, plastic, etc. Basically people just need to use a little common sense.

If everyone just helps a little with cleanup, it is so much easier and our camp looks like we have some goddamn horse sense about us and if you are not smoking, drinking, getting the cooks a smoke or a drink, fire tending or helping with kitchen and meal prep in some way, then stay out of the kitchen. Maybe go to the party fire and think about how you can increase our coal bed. Anyone doing any one of the aforementioned activities is always welcome in the kitchen. Those not culinary savvy should ask the pot wrasslers often if they need a drink or a smoke or more wood. Because the answer will always be, "hell yes, and keep 'em coming"

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