Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Century of Camp Cooking

"Who Cooks For You, Who Cooks for Y'all?"  is the call of the great Barred Owl, who has been freaking out campers laying awake in their tents since the tepee days.  There are lots of little phrases like that for bird sounds.  The White-Eyed Vireo, for example, is supposed to say "Quick-With-the-Beer-Check";  the Black-Throated Green Warbler sounds like "Trees, Trees, Murmuring Trees," and some people think the Field Sparrow's whistle sounds like a ping-pong ball dropped on a table as it increases in speed and pitch.  Unlike all those cute little phrases though, which are just mnemonic devices, the Barred Owl really says what he means and means what he says.  Complete with that uniquely southern contraction at the end, which makes him a big favorite of the Rebel Rivers Canoe Club.

The answer to the Barred Owl's question, for the Fall 2012 trip anyway...is Jim and Phil.  They both turn 50 within a few weeks of our November weekend and like a couple of old bull moose they have kicked young Rob to the side and are taking charge of the kitchen, from prep through Big Daddy.

Should be a great team, although Phil has lost a whole bunch of weight since the last trip which we're not that happy about.  Nobody wants a skinny cook, and who's going to hand out the big bear hugs after the brown liquor has been passed around and Vandy beats Kentucky?   But those Mexican steaks he cooked in the rain and under fire on Big Swan Creek were damn good. 

The cook's meeting was postponed by a couple of weeks so we'll post the menu when we get it. 

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