Monday, October 01, 2012

You Got to Know When to Fold 'Em

Bob is IN, which instantly does more for the musical theme on this trip than a hundred song sheets.  He really wants to use his new old boat but doesn't know if a folding kayak is suitable for RRCC trips, hauling lots of gear on shallow rivers.  

Here is his 1970s era Folbot, which is a rescue boat from the Habitat for Humanity store on 8th Ave:

Our research shows it was probably the Glider model, "popular with naturalists and campers, ladies, children and persons with physical limitations..." which sounds about right.

There is precedent for using a Folbot on RRCC trips.  Here is Kirly paddling one on the Elk River with about 80 lbs. of wet, furry gear:

And here it is on Dale Hollow Lake, hauling the only thing we want Bob to bring anyway.

As you know, Dale Hollow Lake is best enjoyed with a sailing rig.

Fortunately, Bob's came with one of those too:

In 1956, Hannes Lindemann completed the first solo trans-Atlantic kayak trip in a folding kayak, drinking only evaporated milk and beer.   So we're pretty sure it can make it 7 miles down the Duck River, even if it is a little shallow.  Which it may not be if it keeps raining... 

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