Friday, October 19, 2012

Get Thee to a Hamery

Sorry for no posts since Monday, we've been busy collecting rainwater for the trip.  Here's a week's worth of stuff.

If you are still in need of RRCC service hours for 2012 there are several opportunities for you right now.

First, the grocery list is long and diverse.  If you can help, e-mail Jim.  But if you commit to bringing an item make sure you can do it because we don't want to get to camp and find we've got our osso with no bucco or our matzo without the balls. The biggest need is for a volunteer to go to Murfreesboro to G & W Hamery in Murfreesboro and get us an extra aged, thin-sliced Tensciutto for the breakfast sandwiches.  Anyone?  Sounds like a pretty fun adventure. 

Also, our other cook Phil is traveling for work right up until the Friday we leave and is in danger of missing the trip because of certain household obligations that may not get finished.  His wife is out of town this weekend, so if we all showed up at his place for a work day we would either knock it all out in one afternoon or set him back two trips worth because with all the beer cans and butt chugging paraphenalia we'll leave behind.  Otherwise we're going to have to find someone else to volunteer because Rob is in full lame duck mode.

Regardless of who it is, remember that we're bringing a new, non-wobbly kitchen grate but we can still bring the second one for extra cooking surface area.  We also have the tripod which is underutilized, but may be used for community drinking water now with the new water policy. 

Tim's Wenonah is on Injured Reserve and likely will not make the trip.

He's got a bad case of the rotten gunwales which you wouldn't wish on anybody and is no way to go down a river.  If someone has access to another canoe let us know because we were already short on boats before that.  Also, the canoe trailer is behind the house now so it's not to early to start bringing and loading them.  We're only two weeks out.

Miscellaneous:  we replaced the second coffee pot we burned the perc out of and while we were at it got a Beverage Buddy for kitchen water.....we lost a 14" Dutch Oven to the Current River on Jim's Sunday tump but the cooks say we have enough with the three remaining which Rob has agreed to burn out pre-trip.....we double-booked Kirly and Mr. Mister for opening day of muzzleloader season and deer season in Nebraska respectively which is too bad, but we did book the trip on the last day of Daylight Savings which will help a lot on Friday night (4:00, Primm Springs, Tennessee, directions coming soon).....we do NOT need 'Ol Smoky for Friday night because Vernon has a grill and we don't need it on the river, but we do still want to bring charcoal - it makes hotter coals for the D.O.s and is a lifesaver if it's raining (see Big Swan).....we've settled on playing Old Dan Tucker in E-flat (D, capo 1) like on the record which means you'll need to put your ball sack capo on to sing that high or do it an octave lower in spite of objections from certain band members ("Put my ass in no mans land and embarass me in front of the hookers on the gravel bar").....we know the trip is getting close because we just opened the LARGE IMPINGERS box where we had sealed shut all of the unwashed plates from last trip and it smelled like it's been right at six months so it must be time to get back on the river.


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