Friday, October 26, 2012

One Week Out

The RRCC suggestion box has been flooded with requests to post something...anything...just to get that picture of us going Randy Travis after the UT game moved down off the front page.   So here's some sutff.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to take Bob's new, old folding kayak out for its maiden voyage.   For some reason he thinks it's important to test it before shoving off down the river, in spite of our promise to bring extra duct tape.   So anyone who wants to witness this, come to Bob's house at 1:00 and we will take it out to Couchville Lake and see what happens.  You could say it's sink or swim time for Bob tomorrow, but that's not really the way it works when you test an old boat.  Sink then swim is probably more accurate.

We just got the directions from Vernon and will post them soon.  It's been awhile since we've had a Friday night on dry land and it's an opportunity to get some things done. Like get rid of some of the stuff that is worn out or ruined or is out of rotation. As you know, the by-laws provide that old equipment can only be retired through ceremonial buring at a club bonfire and this is our best chance since the Christmas tree farm.  Our list this time includes all the old canoe seats without straps, Josh's blue camo hat, Rob's dark knee-high socks, most of the contents of the Large Impingers box from the Spring trip except the plates, and this terrible guitar that was terrible even before it floated by itself down both the Elk:

We can't wait to watch it burn.

Jim has ordered the veal based on RSVPs from 14 counting Mike who texted us one word, "fersure", which Google translator tells us is high cockney for "count me in."  If Ian takes the train down that will be 15, unless there's another Rocky Horror show that weekend.

Ian on the left, daughter on the right.

Either way, a nice number for a short, easy float and a big gravel bar.   But we still need someone to go to the Murfreesboro hamery or we'll be having watery shrink-wrapped ham from Kroger on our breakfast biscuits and you know that's not right.  

Here's an idea.  Let's get the ham on Saturday on the way to the lake.  Then we'll put the ham in the boat instead of Bob for the dangerous first test ride, like space monkey.   This could be fun.  Beverage Manager:  we're going to need more beer than we thought.

And now you don't have to look at pictures of our bare asses on the river anymore.