Friday, October 12, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Like a river scouting trip, there are a lot less notes from the second half.

Meet time:  4:00 Friday, November 2 at Vernon's.  We'll post directions when we get closer but plan on about an hour drive.  You can go out earlier if you want and might be a good idea to beat traffic.

Current roster:    18 (!)

Boats:   Tim, Jim, Jim, Josh, Sands, Rob C., Mike C., Bob, D. Fox, Skip (x5).  No jon boat.

Instruments:   Harringtons (Black Beauty), Kirly (Yamaha), Sands (mandolin), Skip (Old Glory, Mini Taylor, accordion), Bob (ukelele), Josh (cowbell), Jim (harp), club (WTB, washboard, misc. things to bang on).   All of the above is for the river.  Everyone bring good guitars for Friday night and you can leave them at Vernon's place.

Gear to acquire before trip:   second coffee pot, water jugs for kitchen.   The no-water bottle policy is in full effect and applies to the cooks as well.   The rule is you can only carry water in something that you intend to bring home and use again.

Fishing:   Roostertails and Rebel crawdads; get a license if you dont have a current one.

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