Wednesday, October 31, 2012

48 Hours

Here is the most recent version of the packing list, so we're all looking at the same thing.   Should be updated through the Spring Trip (i.e. current through the Current).
RRCC Packing List

We put Bob's boat through some rigorous quality control tests on Percy Priest Lake.  He drank three Tecates without tipping or sinking so we're clearing it for use on the Duck. 

It took about half a roll of Gorilla Tape, but as long as he remembers to bring the other half he should be fine on the river. 

The real problem is getting it trimmed right.  When you sit all the way in the stern of a tandem kayak you need some ballast to keep the front end from catching the wind.  Like a Dutch Oven or a case of beer.  If he had a big ham up there it would definitely keep him going straight and he could talk to it like Wilson  but unfortunately we still don't have a ham.  Cooks, what is our backup ham plan?   Is it ok to buy local and who will do that?

Friedman's has all the answers to your water bottle questions.  They even have the carpet covered canteen:

It took Tim awhile to accept the new water bottle policy, but now he's not only on board, he's proposed that we all bring our own plates and silverware next year. That could be the innovation for 2013 that the personal cup was for 2011 and the permanent water bottle is for 2012.   Which is good timing because we just cleaned 6 months of funk off of twenty plates from this spring.

Mike's reaction to the new water bottle policy (actual quote):

Our saw experts say we can clean the rusted crosscut saw easier than our plates.  They say it will come off when we cut the first log.  But they are the same experts who say that rust makes things taste better in Big Daddy.

Remember that beer and brown liquor are B.Y.O.B. and B.Y.O.B.L. respectively. So is water now under the new policy. But don't assume that the Beverage Manager has nothing to do. He still has to get two pounds of ground coffee when he goes through the Starbucks drive-thru the morning of the trip which is not convenient for him at all. 

One of the great things about Fall trips is it is the only time of year camo Busch is in season.  Has anyone seen them around town or should we just take our chances on Friday and assume that is all they sell in Hickman County?    We used that strategy successfully on the Eleven Point River but we drove all the way to Missouri before we found some, which was a little too close for comfort.

All of the RRCC music has been printed and put together and it definitely looks like a weekend's worth.  We have binders full of [songs about] women.