Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pre-Trip Meeting Tomorrow

Here's the agenda.

1.   Roster; departure and return times (Skip)

2.   Friday night arrangements  (Vernon)

3.  Canoe count, guitar count  (Rob and Skip)

4.  Jon boat - go / no go  (All)

5.  Discussion:   new water bottle policy (All)

6.  Discussion:   the Wrigley Field fellatious gesturer (Stuart)

7. Beverage Manager's Minute (Tim)

8.  Menu (Jim and Phil)

9.  Finances (Josh)

10.  Duck River Quest - miles paddled, miles left to go  (Skip)

Note to cooks:   we don't get involved in the menu and don't ever care to, but remember that the mid-day soup stop was very popular and gives us an excuse to make an afternoon tea fire.

The miracle of hot motzah ball soup on a cold November day. 

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