Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning Boat Count

Due to unforeseen circumstances, including high winds and procrastination, the launch of Bob's 1972 Folbot was postponed from this weekend until tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon when it is supposed to be nice and sunny, although still pretty windy.  RRCC policy strictly prohibits checking weather forecasts until 48 hours before a trip so we don't know what is expected but hopefully the wind will die down by then.  That's all that matters weather-wise.  We can handle rain and snow but wind is your worst enemy in a canoe (or a folding kayak).

Since we already know we're not taking Tim's canoe or the Mule, this would be a good time to do an accurate canoe count in case Bob's is not seaworthy.   In the list below, we've put people in certain canoes only to make sure there is a spot for everyone.  It is not meant to be strict seat assignments, although it does assume that boat owners will be in their own boats.
  1. Bob's Folbot  (Bob)
  2. Green Folbot (Skip, as a show of support for Bob)
  3. Blue Dagger (Rob H.)
  4. Red Dagger  (Rob C)
  5. Delta Dawn (Jim M.)
  6. Mullowney's canoe (Mullowney)
  7. The Grumman (Tim and Phil)
  8. The Jeff Spicoli (Josh and Stuart)
  9. Wood/canvas Old Town (Loeppky)
  10. Black Bell (Vernon)
  11. Cronin canoe (Cronin)
  12. Sands canoe (Dr. Sands)

Thanks to everyone who already brought their canoe over.  As of Sunday night we had a nearly full trailer which has got to be some kind of record.

With two kayaks going, and no jon boat, it's going to be back to the old days of too much gear and not enough space in boats.   Please keep that in mind when you're packing.  We have not outlawed camp chairs, but they are one of the biggest space suckers.  It would be nice if everyone just brought moderate size ones, or the little tripod style like Phil brought last time, instead of the biggest one you can find in your garage. 

Right, Josh?

We have, however, outlawed disposable water bottles as you know.  This is your reminder, and a clarification of the policy since there have been some questions.  The rule is:  you can only bring water containers that you are going to bring back and use on the next trip.   So for those of you asking about gallon jugs of water, ask yourself the question above and answer it honestly.  Yeah, probably not. 

And some bad news:  we really messed up our new crosscut saw.  The leather sheath we made for it seemed like such a good idea, but apparently it trapped moisture inside because there is major rust on the parts of the saw that were covered.   I mean really bad.

Hard to imagine that we can make it right considering our previous issues with saws sticking.  We will bring Vernon's KY Saw Jelly and work on it Friday night but we probably better bring the old saw, too.  


Speeding along with no effort was pleasant for a change, though the wind was cold and I disliked the thought of fighting it later when the river twisted back south.  Canoeing, most of the time, you prefer no wind at all; it destroys quietness and whips your scent about and makes animals lie low and even squelches the birds.  And if it turns against you, it makes a trip pure labor.  But preference hasn't got much to do with it; days without wind in West Texas are few.

Goodbye to a River, p. 56.