Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friday Night On Sugar Creek

Barn on the back 40 will serve as clubhouse, pub,
music venue and youth hostel without the youth.

When Sugar Creek is running in the Fall the
water level on the Duck should be perfect.

Vernon has been gathering the squaw wood.

Here are the directions:

- Take the Natchez Trace Parkway south from its terminus on Hwy. 100 at Loveless Cafe.

- Get off on the Hwy 7 exit ("Dickson/Columbia" which is your third exit) and turn right on Hwy 7.

- Go 3.2 miles on Hwy 7.

- Turn left on Primm Ridge Rd.

- After about a half mile, Primm Ridge Rd. goes down a big hill; at the bottom of the hill, Dog Creek Rd. merges in from the left and the road becomes Dog Creek Rd and crosses a bridge.

- Sugar Creek Nursey is 100 yards down on the left past the bridge

Address: 8354 Dog Creek Road, Primm Springst, TN
Cell: 615-226-2129
House: 931-729-3377

The target arrival time is 4:00, but the canoe trailer will leave in time to get Stuart at the airport at 2:00 and then go straight to Vernon's. Sun sets at 6:00 pm so the earlier the better.