Monday, October 08, 2012

RRCC Non-Discrimination Policy

We took the jon boat out on the water this weekend to test our off-season repair job.  You may recall that after we welded the big hole we knocked in her on the Current River we said "It may leak  again, but it won't leak there"  and we were right on both counts.

I think the time has come for us to recognize that the Mule is a leaky boat and she is not ever going to change.  She identifies as a leaky boat and we should accept her that way without judging.  The fact is, it would take major surgery to turn her into something that she isn't and we don't want to be like all those narrow-minded people who think boats always have to be watertight just to be "normal."  So let's embrace the lifestyle choice she has made and treat her like a boat that is worthy of love and respect that happens to leak sometimes.  Sometimes a lot.

We will discuss whether to take her on the Duck this fall at the pre-trip meeting Thursday.

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